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Sustainable Christmas gifting ideas

Sustainable Christmas gifting ideas


The holiday season is upon us!

It can be a tricky time to stay on track with your sustainability goals, particularly when it comes to gift-giving. Never fear – we’ve got you covered. We’ve compiled a list of our favourite gifting ideas that will be sure to raise festive smiles and be a little kinder to the planet.


Unwanted gifts are always going to be wasteful. Really think about the items you purchase; will they be practical, durable and functional? The last thing you want to do is buy for the sake of buying and have your well-intentioned gifts end up contributing to the landfill.

You can control what you give by seeking sustainably made products from ethical businesses, but you can’t control what your recipient does after the fact.

Talk to your loved ones. What would they really like to receive and would get good use from? It wouldn’t hurt to channel your inner child and make wish lists. This will not only reduce the potential for waste, but significantly reduce your stress levels, too-Bonus!



Take a second look at the items we use day in and day out. While no one wants to receive a pile of Tupperware under the Christmas tree, replacing essential items with sustainable alternatives can make for a beautifully thoughtful gift. Consider a set of reusable plastic-free bottles, a gorgeous linen shopping bag or our zero-waste dishwashing set. All these items can breathe new life into every day!


Houseplants make a beautiful gift, particularly for that person who has everything! Just be careful to ensure you aren’t gifting unrecyclable plastic pots, and try to opt for plants native to your local area where you can.



Does your recipient have a cause particularly close to their heart? Why not donate in their name in place of a gift? It’s a touching and thoughtful gesture that will eliminate any risk of waste or getting it wrong!


Why not treat your loved one to a pass for a national park, nature reserve or heritage site? This is a fantastic way to spoil friends and family, enabling them to create cherished memories without buying unwanted gifts that may be discarded.


Some of the most thoughtful and appreciated gifts are the ones we put effort into making ourselves. Great in the kitchen? Some lovingly decorated sweet treats or homemade jams in recycled jars make a fantastic present. Or maybe you’re the crafty type? Get creative and upcycle some glassware with some festive stencils. The sky is the limit!


It’s been a tough few years, and Christmas is a time when we want to spoil the people we love. With a little creativity and thoughtfulness, we can still give lavishly and indulge in the festive feels without compromising on our commitment to sustainable living.

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