Ever wish you had a magic wand and with one flip of the wrist, your styling dilemma is solved? Your space is complete? Your store have the right products? Your business is on point? Although magic is not in the cards right now, we do offer a host of services for both businesses and customers! Here’s a little sprinkle of how we can help…

For customers

Looking for the perfect piece for your favourite spot? Whether it’s a new product or special vintage, Atelier can help! We offer personal services to help you create your space of the moment. We know your style and preferences will change over time, but in the here and now, we can source a variety of charming products to turn that house into your home. Drop us an email or DM on Instagram.

For businesses

Whatever your business, we can help. From sourcing the perfect art to fill your walls, tableware for the restaurant or new SKUs to start selling, Atelier offers a range of sourcing services to meet your needs. Vintage or new products, if you are seeking French homewares, that just happens to be our jam.

Let’s work together! Drop us a line or DM on Instagram to start the conversation.