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Atelier Chatelaine

Zero Waste Dishwashing Set

Zero Waste Dishwashing Set

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It's back!

Our first French bundle for the kitchen that's 100% eco-friendly and made from sustainable materials.  What a beauty!

Wave goodbye to those plastic bottles, wasteful disposable scrub pads and plastic brushes - this set is a powerhouse of conscious choices and looks beautiful next to any sink!

What makes it so special?  The soap is a traditional Marseille formulation that's free of any toxic ingredients.  Enriched with coconut oil, it feels and smells simply divine. Or select the original savon de Marseille: an olive oil based soap. Made since the 17th century!

Our round pan brush is made with sustainable beech wood and the strong fibres are all-natural and durable for superior longevity.  The soap rests comfortably on an elegant oiled wood dish.

Instructions for use:

Simply rinse the brush fibres with water, swirl the brush on the soap to saturate the bristles and get to work on your dirty dishes.  The brush acts as a pad, scraper and brush to tackle those pesky pans.

Do not leave wood products soaking in water- the wood will expand and cause cracks.

Make the switch and pretty up that sink area!

Packaged in a burlap bag.

Made in France.


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