About Us

Atelier Chatelaine was launched in 2021, when founder Kathy set out to blend her passion for traditional French goods with her commitment to lead a more sustainable lifestyle.

'ATELIER' translates to 'workshop', and 'CHATELAINE' means 'Lady of the House'. The name perfectly embodies Kathy's mission to curate high-quality luxury homewares (for the 'Lady of the House') which are produced through sustainable and traditional methods ('the workshop').

Atelier Chatelaine cultivates a community that share a love for traditional French goods alongside a commitment to reducing their environmental impact through the products that they use. They strive to preserve time-honored traditions through every item that they sell. All of their products are purposefully chosen to create a collection that seamlessly complements today's modern lifestyle and does the planet good.

Traditional. Sustainable. Beautiful.

Based in Alberta, Canada, Kathy lives and breathes all things French. She loves it all; from baguettes, patisseries, chocolate and croissants to upcycling and farmer's markets, aperitifs and puttering about in her potagers!

If you'd like to connect, Kathy would love to hear from you! You can contact her at info@atelierchatelaine.com