Home. Your space. The place where you live, love, share and create memories. Home has always been so important to me. It’s where I feel at ease, rejuvenated, creative and inspired. Over the years, home has also become a place I express my values - intentional, joyful and slowing down. A kind of simple luxury.

Your home is something that is gathered with love, attention and time. An intimate space that is a true reflection of YOU. A living entity that grows and evolves with the passage of time, gaining complexity and depth as we move through life’s stages.

 vintage knives

It’s the importance of the home (yes, I’m a Libra) that ignited a passion to create Atelier. An online store that reflects my own values with quality, luxury, tradition and sustainability. Atelier is a curated line of French and French-inspired homewares. A living community and space of itself, this space, just like your home, evolves and enriches over time.

Atelier (‘the workshop’) is a balance of new and vintage products that give a balanced and meaningful approach to styling your home.

I'm often asked for one tip to help someone get started building their space. Opposites attract. It’s my #1 tip on HOW to create a personalized space: combine. Skip following the trends verbatim. Select a few you like and combine them with your passions. Think of items purchased through traveling, hobbies, family keepsakes or environments you find inspiring or calming. Mix new pieces with vintage or thrifted, combine natural materials with man-made products. At the end of the day, when you are surrounded by what you love, what gives you purpose and joy, your space is the perfect reflection of you.

Our goal at Atelier is to be your one-stop-shop for homewares. A place you know, love and trust. Simple luxury, intent and often times, a good story behind every piece.

As for me, my name is Kathy. I’ve spent almost 25 years in corporate talent as a career, but always yearned to create a community that shared my passion for all things beautiful and French! I was inspired on my first trip to France by how their everyday products were such high quality, simple and natural. From cleaning supplies to gorgeous kitchen products, it all spoke to me on a deep level. When I made the time to research and experience, I noticed a few things: products made for hundreds of years with the same process and materials, producers with a multi-generational history and a deep culture of artisan-made home wares. I was hooked.

Atelier is my expression of creativity, the importance of partnerships with like-minded companies, and building a space of inspiration and sharing. I hope you love being a part of this community.
Traditional. Beautiful. Simple Luxury.
Kathy xx

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