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Everything you need to know about the new shop!

Everything you need to know about the new shop!

It's been a beehive of activity, sourcing, second guessing and discipline, but our new shop is here. Not without its hiccups (which I'll explain in a moment), this is Atelier 2.0. A smaller, curated collection of accessible products to add French charm to your home.  

Atelier’s values remain the same: beautiful, high quality, hard working and sustainable products for your home.  French inspired. Traditional designs and products that translate to our modern lifestyle. Our commitment to supporting social good. Women supporting women in business.

What else did we keep? Our discounted shipping rates and our free shipping for orders over $150!

Our first collection will also be familiar…

The Perfect Bed collection contains all the bedding you need, and it continues our partnership with HauteCoton, the most comfortable and luxurious bedding I've found. HauteCoton literally translates to a higher-class textile fibre — an elevated version of the everyday, conventional cotton.

When you order from The Perfect Bed collection, your order will ship from Canada to anywhere in North America.

The Parisian Style collection is an extension of our previous jewellery collection. Partnering again with another female-owned company, these pieces are designed and created in a Parisian workshop. Modern pieces are influenced by historic designs, made with 24K carat sustainable gold vermeil and 100% Parisian flair.

When you order from the Parisian Style collection, your order will ship from Canada to anywhere in North America.

Our largest collection, and the foundation of Atelier, is The French Kitchen collection. These pieces are classic French design and function, and will add a touch of France to your space. Selected for their adaptability, beauty and quality. These products are essential in a French kitchen.

Here’s where we’ve made some changes. When you order from this line, your order will be shipped from the United States. The fulfillment centre we selected reflected our values, sensibility and is centrally located for our customers, which means a more seamless delivery for you. 

As promised, full disclosure around the hiccups:

  1. For all our wonderful Canadian customers, this means you will experience customs taxes when you order products from the French Kitchen collection. DON”T WORRY! We have your back.  Please apply the re-uasable discount code IAMCANADIAN at the checkout. This will give you a 15% discount on your order, offsetting your customs fee. We love you, we appreciate you and we want you to stay around!
  2. Not all of our French kitchen products have arrived at our fulfillment centre!  If you see a product listed as “sold out”, it is still en route. Hang tight, we’ve been told the collection will be complete by February 15th.  

Welcome to our new shop! Atelier will continue to evolve over the coming months with additional products and special collaborations. We hope you love these collections and continue to choose Atelier Chatelaine for your home.



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