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Atelier Chatelaine

French Antique Cheese Moulds

French Antique Cheese Moulds

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A faisselle mould was traditionally used to make cheese. Simply press your recipe into the mould whose purpose was to separate the curds/cheese from the whey. So French, don't you think?

Today, these are one of the most up-cycled French products on my list -  great as a soap holder, dish brush holder, utensils, string dispenser, night light holder or to store fruit. Atelier loves re-purposing old products for modern use, so this trip to France had finding these moulds as mission critical!

We have an assortment of sizes and finishes available, so get them while you can.

1. Tall white antique mould with a two system strainer - very rare! Circa 1910 in fabulous condition. 12 cm tall x 9.5 cm diameter.

2. Small white cheese mould, perfect to store your wash brushes at the side of your sink! 8.5 cm diameter x 5 cm tall.

3. Dark brown mould medium mould measures 11 cm diameter x 10 cm tall.

4. Short and wide brown mould, perfect for your savon and brush by the sink! 17 cm diameter x 7 cm tall.

5. Tall and wide cheese mould perfect for utensils or brushes with handles - very versatile! 15 cm diameter x 12 cm high.

Measuring approx 3" (8cm) tall x 2 3/4" (7cm) in diameter at the top it is in excellent original condition.

Ideal for making individual portions, samples or experimental flavours.Sourced from the Loire and the Charente, France.

Made in France.

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