Five Reasons to Love French Market Baskets

Five Reasons to Love French Market Baskets

It's no secret that we adore market baskets!

French market basket

These hardworking multitaskers have become deeply embedded within French culture despite originating in Morocco. And that's no surprise; handwoven market bags are incredibly versatile and never go out of style. You'd be hard-pressed to find a more eco-friendly bag, which is why the market basket will always be one of our most loved signature products.

Exquisitely hand-crafted, these bags embody everything we strive to represent as a brand: unique, sustainable, functional and chic.

So what's the big deal? Read on to discover our top five reasons to love French Market baskets!

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These beauties can be used for so much more than carrying your shopping! We've seen market bags used as hallway organisers (hang them on a hook to store gloves, scarves-even dog's leashes!), portable craft bags, picnic baskets and mobile tidying tools.

They provide elegant storage solutions for towels in the bathroom or linens in the kitchen and can help you to keep clutter to a minimum. Their neutral tones and rustic feel blend perfectly with virtually any décor, so get creative and maximise their potential within your home!

We source all of our baskets from their place of origin to ensure the continuation of the time-honoured weaving techniques that makes these bags so unique. We've even partnered with a co-op of female artisans to provide fair wages and working conditions, helping to foster their local economic growth and preserve the traditional methods used to create authentic market bags.

The baskets are lovingly hand-crafted from 100% organic dried palm, a sustainable and zero waste material. This makes them a no-brainer for eco-conscious shoppers; they epitomise 'social good' from the point of origin, and opting for them over single-use plastic can make a serious dent in your carbon footprint.

These baskets are iconic; they work with everything and never go out of style. As each bag is woven by hand, no two baskets are the same, leaving you with a beautifully unique work of art. No wonder it's been a shopping stable in the Parisian markets for decades!

Woven from a single thick strand, these baskets are among the strongest on the market. They won't wear out or let you down, which makes them a durable, reliable, sustainable and genuinely timeless investment.

Like what you see? Browse our selection of authentic, top-quality French market baskets here.

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