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Modern French Country Kitchen Ideas

Modern French Country Kitchen Ideas

The kitchen is the heart of the home, and nowhere is this truer than in French country-style décor.

Rustic accents blend seamlessly against minimalist backdrops with hints of oh-so-contrary luxury to create a unique kitchen vibe that feels natural, warm and effortlessly chic.

So how can you nail the look in your own kitchen? Take note of our top five modern French country kitchen ideas to bring a slice of that provincial je ne sais quoi to your home.

Opt for crisp whites and soft pastels as your main colour scheme for your walls. Far from being dull, a neutral backdrop allows your statement pieces to really pop. If you're lucky enough to have any exposed brick or ceiling beams in your kitchen, all the better.french style kitchen

You'll find pots, pans, and market bags proudly hung on display in most modern   French kitchens. You can splurge on a fancy vintage-style rack if you like, but a wooden or wrought iron one will enhance the rustic vibe even further. 
There's no need for matchy-matchiness with your cookware, but major bonus points for copper!
market bag in french country kitchen
Do as the French do and fill your kitchen with delicately scented flowers in vintage-style vases and lush greenery in classic pots. It'll give your kitchen a cosy, welcoming and lived-in feel.
flowers in vase
Nail the balance between modern and classical by investing in statement candelabra or vintage hanging pendant lighting to standout against those classically French neutral tones.
french style chandelier
Nothing could exude rustic French county chic more than a large, lovingly distressed wooden farmhouse table, which will do double duty as a work surface. It'll become the focal point of your kitchen!
farmhouse table
Scour the markets and thrift stores for quirky vases, frames, cookware and fixtures to add the eclectic vibe typical of French décor.
vintage place setting

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