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Welcome to Atelier!

Welcome to Atelier!

Hi everyone, it’s been a while. I thought I'd re-introduce myself to this fabulous community. My name is Kathy, creator of Atelier Chatelaine. It’s been almost three years since the concept of Atelier started brewing in my head and seriously changed my life.  Before Atelier, I spent my days in corporate life, dreaming of vacations, wonderful food and a slower pace of life. Working long hours in big jobs meant a lot of responsibility for many people and little time to balance family, friends, self and create a meaningful life.

When it boiled down to it, I craved more than just slow living, but sustainable living. One where I wasn’t concerned about attaining the latest and greatest and enjoying the simple things in life. It might sound a bit cliche, but the idea of having fruit trees, enjoying outside living, markets and gardening was my dream life.  And shutters. Dreams always include beautiful shutters. Once we started travelling to France, it felt like...home. Every trip uncovered more about the culture, people and how they lived, what they valued. I uncovered French products that had been made for hundreds of years with no change and they remain staples in French homes - I was hooked. And Atelier was born.

I started selling traditional French home wares, like Savon de Marseille soaps, linens from Northern France and the famous French Market basket. Then I discovered brocanting. A bit like car boot sales/flea markets/garage sales but the product potential was phenomenal! Think farm tables and carpets, opaline pendants, artwork, pottery and confit pots. I was warned - Truffling through brocantes became an addiction! This “problem” became the other side of Atelier and really established my service and purpose - providing beautiful things, sustainably. 

Last year I cut the corporate ties and left my career to focus on Atelier. We sold our house and with just 3 suitcases each, boarded a plane to the UK with the intention of exploring France and the UK and establishing a home base here. As Atelier evolves into your vintage home decor and design go-to, I also share our travel adventures and brocanting sessions on Instagram @atelierchatelaine 

I hope you enjoy this space!

Kathy  xx

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