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Atelier Chatelaine

Olive Wood Serving Set

Olive Wood Serving Set

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A truly beautiful set of serving utensils.

This fork and spoon set can be used for both cooking and serving!

Olive wood is durable, fine-grained, odourless, stainless and strong. You can rely on these pieces to remain smooth and consistent, regardless of how frequently they are used.  

Olive wood is highly sought after as a rarer and more sustainable timber. Older and non-productive olive trees are removed from the soil and replaced with younger trees. Rather than destroying the unwanted wood, artisans produce items for the kitchen, creating everything from spoons and knives to bowls and boards. All pieces are carved from a single piece of wood, enhancing the organic movement of the grain, showcasing its beauty and worth.


Hand wash your olive wood piece and let them air dry. Never place in a dishwasher, as the heat can cause wood to wrap and crack.  Ugh!

Season your wood with a little olive oil to protect and bring out the natural grain.


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