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Atelier Chatelaine

English Stoneware Bottle and Pots

English Stoneware Bottle and Pots

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These are antique, Victorian (19th century) pots and bottles. Delightful, old, filled with character and the distinctive amber glaze on the top - love these pieces for styling the home from holding flowers to dressing a table or shelf!

1. Large pot - a fabulous clay crock pot, glazed with the iconic amber coloured top, substantial in weight with the makers stamp visible on the bottom. Iconic! This pot also has a stamped thin line embedded into the pot.

18cm height, opening 8cm diameter, base is 12cm.

2. Medium pot - 14cm height, opening 7.5cm diameter, base is 10cm diameter. There are a few small chips, nothing that would affect the stability/integrity of the piece.

3. Small pot - 10oz pot, 13cm height, 6.5cm opening diameter and 9cm base diameter.

4. Ginger beer bottle - typically used to bottle ginger beer or cider, these bottles are marked with the maker and area of production on the side - this is delightful! Substantial clay bottle from the 19th century. In excellent condition for the age! Stamped "Swinton" and manufacturer.

20cm height

Sourced in Lincolnshire, UK.

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