Mindset Switch: Sustainability

The term “sustainable” is officially viral and mainstream since 2020. Whether you are talking about food, clothing, living or travel, to name a few, new and established brands are becoming more mindful about the environment and becoming more eco friendly.


I first started learning about sustainability while researching ideas around a clothing business. I quickly realized that fast fashion was devastating the planet and its people, from the energy and water waste, toxic chemicals, poor working conditions, to the terrible wages of the people supporting this industry. At the same time, I was getting increasingly more aware of my food intake, the skincare/make-up products I used and the cleaning products lying around the house.  It was a perfect storm of health, food and living.


Instead of another article on what you should and should not do, here are a few easy tips on considerations that might make more sense. That’s our philosophy at Atelier Chatelaine!


1.Avoid plastic!  Try to purchase items made of natural materials (think wood, natural fibers, recycled products)    

2.Instead of purchasing another product, could your existing one be repurposed? Try before buying. 

3.What’s in that product? Take a close look at the ingredients before applying it to precious things like your face, your body and your home.

And consider buying local! Support your local farmers and business entrepreneurs who can educate you on their products!

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