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Louise LOVES Paris!

Louise LOVES Paris!

Hi everyone, Louise here. 

So here we are at Charles de Gaulle, after a whirlwind few weeks trying to organize flights, accommodations and most importantly, where we are going to sample some of France’s best bakery faire. Let’s not mention the Covid-19 hoops we had to jump through, research on what was required, how to obtain it and where to get tested in France before we get on our flight back to Canada!  It certainly was a journey and one best left for the novelists.


As soon as we reached the city, Laduree called. Definitely one of our faves! This croissant was moist, full of buttery goodness with a beautiful nut filling.

Tea House Lupicia


Tea House Lupicia

Tea House Lupicia was one of Kathy's first stops - she had a long list from her daughter, so top priority!

Gallery Lafayette

Gallery Lafayette, I can’t even remember who the baker was because we couldn’t keep our eyes off the display.

 full of spices... heaven

The air was full of spices... heaven.

We had two days walking in Paris, to source out new products, eat, source more products, eat, buy a more comfortable pair of shoes, eat, and look for what is unique that we do not have in Canada and of course, more eating. We covered approximately 20 kms that first day.  It was worth it!



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