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La Rochere: authentically French glassware with awe-inspiring history

La Rochere: authentically French glassware with awe-inspiring history


la rochere glassware

La Rochere is an iconic glassware brand prized worldwide and epitomises everything we love about French household goods. It’s steeped in centuries-old history, expertly crafted by master glassmakers using traditional methods, is produced sustainably and is exquisitely beautiful.

La Rochere boasts some awe-inspiring heritage. Founded during the Middle Ages in 1475, the factory was built in the Vosges mountains in the east of France. Despite being twice destroyed and rebuilt over the centuries, it has continuously produced artisanal glassware for over 500 years, making it the oldest running factory in Europe.

la rochere glassware

Today, La Rochere continue to produce all of its glassware in-house. The rich terrain surrounding the factory provides all of the raw materials required to make their luxury pieces in keeping with traditional and authentic methods.

It takes many years to train as a master glassmaker, and while modern processes are employed to cater for worldwide demand, traditional techniques such as pressed glass and hand-blown crystal are still used at La Rochere today. Their custom manufacturing process uses a two-part open mould. You’ll often find a pressure seam on their pieces, an authentic characteristic that’s come to symbolise their heritage.

La Rochere designers seek to embrace their history with unique designs, most notably the ‘bee collection’, which has become iconic in itself and a nod to Napolean’s famed bee symbol, which popped up all over his court.

This meticulous design and production process produces superior quality glassware, renowned for its durability, clarity and brilliance.

Better still, La Rochere demonstrates a commitment to eco-friendly practices; all of their products are entirely lead and cadmium-free.                                     Locally sourced raw materials are used in the production of their dishwasher-safe glass.

We are proud to stock this authentically French luxury glassware in our shop. It’s iconic, of the best quality, quirky and yet traditional; owning a la Rochere is like bringing a little piece of French history right into your home.

You can browse our collection of La Rochere glassware here

la rochere glassware


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