Springtime in Paris: The Cafe

Springtime in Paris: The Cafe

It’s Spring! And in Canada, that means the snow is melting, the temperature breaks into positive territory and thoughts of warmer days, gardening and outdoor activities increases everyone’s mood.  There is another love of mine when I think of Spring: Paris.  The City of Lights is near and dear to me.  Although I’ve visited Paris many times, it’s typically in the Spring.  The cherry blossoms are in bloom, the weather is starting to warm, floral stalls are out on the streets, the smell of crepes from vendors wafts to your nose.  Paris never really shuts down because of a season, like it does here in Canada.  It’s always buzzing.

{Cafe de Flore, the icon cafe resting on the main Boulevard}


Buzz, of course, from people!  Every cafe on every street is lined with outdoor seats filled to capacity (and a few more to spare), with Parisans and visitors watching the world go by, enjoying a drink and exchanging conversation.

{Maison Sauvage, with it’s brilliant seasonal plants}


It’s lively, exciting and once you get used to the limited space capacity, you are hooked!  Whether it’s a coffee and croissant in the morning, your salad and wine for lunch or any time of the day, people gather at cafes to enjoy and share life.  I love that!

{Picture perfect La Maison Rose}


{Montmartre’s favorite, Le Consulat}


If you are lucky to find yourself in this exotic and lively city, don’t worry about choosing the best cafe, just go for it and experience the city like a local! 








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