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A Holly, Jolly Sustainable Christmas!

We all know that Christmas and excess go hand in hand. And why not?! If there’s one time of the year we can really go ‘extra’ on pretty much everything, it’s Christmas. It’s a free pass for extra giving, extra indulgence and extra spending. But if we’re not careful, all that excess can derail our good intentions when it comes to looking after the planet. Our consumption has an impact, and as is usually the case, it’s the little things that add up to make a difference on either side of the coin.

The good news is that there are some simple steps you can take across all aspects of the festive season that will mitigate any environmental sins and allow you to get your Christmas groove on, guilt-free.

Give sustainably

We all want to spoil our loved ones, particularly after the year we’ve had – and that’s great! By making more conscious choices about the gifts we give, we can still give lavishly and feel good about the purchases we make.

Consider gifts that do double duty – elegant and sustainably produced cookware will be a functional tool and eliminate the need for your recipient to need to purchase similar, less environmentally sound items. Try our Les Essentials olivewood box set, which will keep your friends going for many years.

Or for those that just want to be cozy, save them from the mass-produced fleeces out there and gift them our sumptuous alpaca throw, the ultimate must-have item for sustainable comfort.

Maybe you’re shopping for someone who just needs a bit of luxury in their lives? Skip the wasteful and over-packaged mainstream staples and go for something really special; our spa bundle is sure to delight and is produced by environmentally-responsible businesses using natural and organic materials with minimal packaging.

Think tree!

Opting for a real Christmas tree is infinitely more planet-friendly than an artificially made, mass produced one, and nothing gives us the festive feels more than the smell of fresh pine. Why not go one step further and rent a tree? This up-and-coming trend is springing up everywhere and couldn’t be more sustainable. You hire your tree for the festive season, and when you’re finished with it, it’s taken away and lovingly replanted and tended to for you, ready again for next year! Rent-a-tree organisations are popping up all over the country, so hop on google and find the one nearest you!

Choose eco-friendly gift wrap

All of that tape, glitter and ribbons have a big environmental impact. Go sustainable (and chic!) and opt for on-trend brown recyclable gift wrap. Reuse last year’s tags where you can, or you could take it further and adorn your parcels with twine, acorns or eucalyptus for a beautifully rustic effect. You can rest assured that all of our products come thoughtfully packed in fully recyclable materials, and they look so pretty that you might not need to gift wrap at all – bonus!

Pay attention to food

We all indulge at Christmas, that’s part of the fun. No one is suggesting you forgo this festive pleasure, but you can easily take steps to minimise waste. Get organised – plan all of your courses and buy only what you need. We know it’s sacrilege to some, but there are some incredibly convincing alternatives to festive meats on the market these days. Could you swap a course or two for veggie or vegan options and try something different? You may be pleasantly surprised! Don’t throw out leftovers either – the web is full of delicious double-duty Christmas recipes. Not only will you be doing the planet a favour, but you’ll also be saving money on the food budget, too.

The bottom line

By being mindful of the products we choose, the food we eat and the packaging we use we can take a big chunk out of our carbon footprint this Christmas. By aligning ourselves with brands and products which value sustainability as much as we do, we can still have an incredible festive season to remember and feel great about respecting the planet at the same time.

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