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Atelier Chatelaine

Dahlias in a Vase

Dahlias in a Vase

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Absolutely stunning! This is an impressionist painting on board in a wooden frame. What makes it special? It's paint. Impasto. Impasto painting is defined by its thick layers and textural details and was used by many great artists, including Monet. The impasto painting is not common.

This painting is from Belgium by a Flemish artist; the painting is signed.

This painting is characteristically impressionist in style due to:

  • Its unfinished look
  • Reflected fleeting moments
  • A scene that looked fuzzy and unrefined
  • Its use of short, quick brush strokes
  • Its use of many comma-like shapes
  • Its use of bright, vibrant colours

The frame appears more modern than the painting.

There is a suprise included in this piece, as the artist has painted a picture on the opposite side of the board!

The size of this piece is 39 cm x 29 cm and was sourced in Chatou France.

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