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Atelier Chatelaine

Cow and Calf Rock

Cow and Calf Rock

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Gorgeous. This is Cow and Calf Rock in Ilkley, Leeds West Yorkshire. A part of the magnificent, UNESCO area known as the Yorkshire Dales, with rolling green hills, barren fields, sheep, historic rock walls and fabulous hikes highlighting the natural wonders of the area, like Cow and Calf Rock.

This is an oil on canvas in an ornate wooden frame. The oil has been varnished, providing protection from the years and giving a lovely illuminating sheen on the artist's work. A 1900s print with some wear due to age but very characterful and beautiful. A lovely balance of light and dark, natural tones mixed with cool whites and blues. This is a great piece for any collector!

The size of this piece measures 57 cm x 37 cm and was sourced in Yorkshire, UK.

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