Collection: Vintage Collection

Welcome to French Vintage by Atelier! This collection is special, close to my heart. It represents our travels to France, our experiences, the people we have met and of course, the treasures found! Atelier is all about beauty, quality, sustainability and practicality, and each piece is true to these values.Plus, who can resist a slice of history and the stories that are held deep inside it...

Our Vintage Collection is a carefully curated line of one-off pieces, collected from France. Worn, loved and with a little something that sparked a second and third glance. These pieces are not museum or antique quality, they are made to love and enjoy in your home. They are items of quality, artisan created and reflect the nature and culture of France. The perfect essentials for any kitchen that translates to so many decors from casual, coastal, farmhouse, cottage and of course... French.

If you are looking for something to express your own unique style, your personality, passion and interest, then a vintage piece is your next purchase.

I hope you love this collection.