What is French-style décor?

 Vintage French style living area

Across the world, the idea of ‘the French style’ is usually associated with sophistication, elegance and minimalist chic. And with good reason! Rich in rustic charm but classically understated, French style is all of those things. The French definitely lead the way when it comes to effortless fashion in the way that they decorate their homes.
But what does that actually look like when it comes to home décor? 
Minimalist French style decor
Think antique furnishings and kitchenware, natural materials like linens and cotton, ever-so-slightly weathered statement pieces, exposed brick and wood – lots of wood!
It’s all about a fusion between simplistic country style and eclectic quirks; the point is to be natural and slightly undone, so don’t be afraid to mix and match colours and pieces that you usually wouldn’t pair together.
French décor typically favours muted tones, lots of off-white clean interiors, and warm, subtle hues like tan and soft yellow when it comes to colour. Pale greys, beiges and gentle blue accents all work well, but don’t be afraid to add a splash of bolder colour with the odd striking statement piece here and there.
Vintage pieces are valued (and it’s an eco-friendly way to decorate!), so do scour around for second-hand items like vases or copper kitchenware that can hang on display in the kitchen. Again, resist the urge to go ‘matchy-matchy’! It all adds to the authentic rustic vibe.
If you’re trying to infuse your home with a bit of French atmosphere, the main thing to remember is not to try too hard! French décor is all about a casual, lived-in feel and any ‘rules’ are fluid. Mix old with new, minimalist with ornate and muted with punchy. 
Think natural, think vintage, think understated (except for that odd bold piece if you dare!), and you’ll be well on your way to that effortlessly chic French country style home.